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Becoming a Talent-Centric Company

Companies always have boasted that their people are their most important asset and the source of their greatest competitive advantage. And while that may be true, for much of the last decade organizations rarely were forced to compete for talent the way they fight for customers. That all began to change several years ago, as work became more technical, collaborative, and specialized. COVID-19 has temporarily eased the talent crunch, but it already is showing signs of returning as the curve flattens and more and more states reopen. To attract and keep employees and contingent workers, successful firms of the future must approach their workforce assets strategically, building their brand as talent-centric hiring organizations.

Building a Best-in-Class Diversity Supplier Base

A strategy that ensures participation of a variety of business owners in supplying your company’s contingent labor is not only good public relations; it also delivers positive return on investment. By including labor-supply companies owned by women, ethnic minorities, veterans, LGBT+, and other historically disadvantaged populations, companies expose their workforce operations to a wider worldview. Each vendor brings business insights, inherent strengths, and unique strategies to the marketplace; some may be mimicked and adapted to the client’s applications to create synergies and efficiencies within the organization. Some smaller suppliers may even specialize in finding and signing worker groups that would be difficult to tap otherwise – stay-at-home parents, college students, moonlighters, etc.

How an Inclusive Program Supports the Community and the Economy

Attracting and empaneling people of diverse experiences in positions of authority and proficiency galvanizes the workplace and promotes free exchange of ideas. Collaboration among teammates possessing complementary skillsets and distinct backgrounds expands companies’ ability to respond to and profit from supply, demand, marketing, partnership, and value chain opportunities when they arise. More importantly, a workforce that reflects the public’s varied viewpoints, historical foundations, values, and talents is prepared to answer any social or cultural challenge that may arise within the company or the community in general. As the University of Florida notes, inclusive workforces that feature people of many races, genders, ethnicities, and philosophies “adds cultural insight and intellectual richness to the institution, enhancing its vitality, effectiveness and reputation.”

MTI Recognized as Diversity Supplier of the Year

MTI was honored by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council for it’s outstanding commitment to diversity

Evaluating Staffing Partners for Competence and Fit

If you’re like most business decision makers, you have already taken advantage of the flexibility, skill, diversity, and other benefits a contingent workforce brings to your organization. But to truly accrue all the advantages agile talent can offer, it may be advantageous to partner with professional outside vendors to hire, train, onboard, and manage your part-time, freelance, and statement-of-work workers. Working with managed service providers (MSP), vendor management system (VMS), third-party payroll service firm can save companies time, effort, and money by providing the most qualified candidates, expediting the onboarding process, and overcoming logistical challenges.

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    Automation for Sourcing, Scheduling, and Assigning Contingent Workers

    Routine, repetitive operations are the enemies of productivity and innovation. Every hour your Human Resources and Procurement teams spend on acquiring, deploying, and managing contingent workers is an hour stolen from more valuable activities. Many aspects of business, from marketing to production, have taken advantage of machine learning and artificial intelligence to free skilled workers from mundane and monotonous tasks so they can perform more creative cerebral work.