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Metasys Technologies, Inc. (MTI) Recognized as Diversity Supplier of the Year

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MTI was honored by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council for it’s outstanding commitment to diversity

ATLANTA--()--Metasys Technologies, Inc. (MTI), a leader in talent management and workforce solutions was recently honored by the Georgia Minority Supplier Development Council (GMSDC) for its commitment to diversity. MTI CEO, Sandeep Gauba and President, Romeen Sheth were presented with two prestigious awards at the GMSDC Annual Awards Ceremony at the Porsche Experience Center in Atlanta on August 17. MTI was selected as the Diversity Supplier of the Year for service excellence and received the Eagle Award for the advancement of minority business development and job creation in Georgia.

The GMSDC lauded MTI for its “exceptional service” and stated MTI was an example of an “outstanding company that exemplified the strength, power and viability of supplier diversity.”

“We believe people are the building blocks of a successful organization,” Sheth said. “Our talent strategy development approach creates competitive advantages for organizations. Our programs foster an inclusive workforce that embraces cultural insights, diverse perspectives, and complementary abilities. We take this approach not only for our clients, but also in building our own business.”

MTI has been a longstanding member organization of the GMSDC and has stated on multiple occasions that GMSDC and the Atlanta corporate community have been key partners in the success and growth of the company.

“We have been thrilled to engage as a strategic partner with a number of Georgia’s most iconic enterprises over the past 19 years, including AT&T, Coca-Cola, Cox, Delta Airlines, HomeDepot, SunTrust, UPS, amongst others. We’re thankful for our customers recognizing the importance of supplier diversity and for giving us the opportunity to drive impact for their organizations. In turn, this has empowered us to give back to the community and help many other minority-owned businesses thrive. Diversity and inclusion have and always will be a core value of our organization,” says Sandeep Gauba, CEO of MTI.

About Metasys Technologies, Inc. (MTI)

MTI supports organizations on their most pressing challenge – how to attract, engage and retain top talent. MTI is a full-service organization that serves as a strategic partner to enterprises through the full lifecycle of talent. MTI is proud to partner with over 40 leading global organizations and tailors solutions for each of its customers.


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