The nature of work is rapidly changing

Over the last 10 years, the nature of work has fundamentally changed. 79% of leading Executives expect the future of work to be based on projects versus specific roles and by 2020, 43% of the workforce will consist of freelance workers.

What does this mean for candidates? Companies are increasingly looking to engage candidates in alternative and flexible models and are unbundling work requirements. We are at an inflection point for freelance work; enterprises are embracing new forms of work to improve their agility and non-employees are in demand.

The nature of work shifting towards projects necessitates the importance of a non-employee worker base. Despite this shift, employers and candidates report a highly sub-par experience in working with talent management firms - candidate NPS across the industry today is an embarrassingly low (21) and employer NPS is even worse (11). A highly negative experience that is trending worse with each year.

We actively work to obliterate industry benchmarks. We are your advocate and will always work to find the right fit and environment for you.

Relationships are at the core of our operating model - we drive a strong experience for our candidates via 3 key pillars


We get to know you

We go beyond the resume. We get to know you via video chat, we work to understand your unique strengths and communicate on your behalf to the organizations we work with

We super charge you

We know that finding a job is a big deal. We hold your hand through the process and equip you with all the right information to make sure you find the right fit

We continually serve as your advocate

While you are in your role, we check in to make sure things are going well; in advance of wrapping up your assignment, we’ll start working together to find the next project for you

Let’s drive impact together. Contact us today to find your next opportunity or check out our current openings

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