Talent management is a strategic lever in an increasingly complex business environment

Over the last 20 years, talent management has undergone a seismic shift. Today, talent has become one of the most oft cited levers of shareholder value creation in enterprises. To successfully create and capture this value however, organizations must hire, develop and retain top-tier talent.

The talent wars in today’s market are brutal; the skills required to succeed in the marketplace are rapidly changing and organizations must address workforce gaps to remain competitive. With the evolving nature of talent, more organizations are looking to partners that can help them find and manage the best talent. Despite the desire to work with talent partners, the industry NPS hovers at 11 - that is painfully low. Over the past 12 months, 50% of CxOs of leading organizations said they have struggled to find talent.

Concurrently, the dynamics of workforce management are changing fast. Enterprises are operating in competitive markets with increasing pressure on cost and efficiency, pushing organizations to search deeper to find value. As businesses continue to face increasing cost pressure and the nature of talent engagement models continues to evolve, talent management is a key source of value creation. We believe organizations can develop deeper capabilities and strategically position themselves to compete in the “future of work” only with the right talent management strategy and the right talent partner

Metasys is in a unique position to help you think about total talent management. We leverage best in class partnerships, our perspectives on diversity and deep domain expertise in procurement and talent strategy to deliver transformational value to the organizations we work with. Most importantly, we provide a systematic approach and top notch experience to drive a holistic program that aligns with your overall vision. We execute a set of strategic initiatives and tactical operations fit for your needs.

We pride ourselves on value creation. We drive value (to the tune of ~400%+ ROI) for our customers via 5 key pillars

Domain Expertise

We are a team of operators, advisors and procurement professionals that have deep expertise leading procurement and talent strategy. Our team members have served in senior roles in Fortune 500 companies and top strategy consulting firms and have successfully led high profile transformation initiatives with a strong emphasis on experience

Data-Driven Program Design

Our world class technology partnerships and analytics specialists deliver insight and transparency across our talent programs. Visibility continually enables us to empower you to create a program that best fits your organization’s specific needs.


Thought Leadership

We have the privilege of being talent partners to over 50 leading global organizations. Our work across the organizations we partner with gives us a perspective on the evolution of the industry and best practices to ensure value capture.

Diversity & Inclusion

As a nationally recognized and award winning minority owned business, we live and breathe diversity and inclusion. Our ability to bring diverse suppliers to the table and offer our perspectives on how to best capture value from diversity, enables organizations to be increasingly inclusive and add value to their bottom line.

Change Management

Implementation eats strategy for breakfast. Our professionals lead change management initiatives to ensure talent programs we implement are successful. We work with you to develop end-to-end implementation plans, ranging from risk mitigation to internal communications.

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