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CEIPAL Names Metasys Winner of CEIPAL Connect’s “Shark Tank” Session

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CEIPAL, an industry-leading talent acquisition automation platform, today announced the results of the “Shark Tank” themed session from the company’s second all-virtual conference, CEIPAL Connect. Based on the panel of judges’ feedback, Metasys has been declared the winner.

A major highlight of the event, the “Shark Tank” session offered a range of organizations an opportunity to deliver their ideal sales pitch to a panel of distinguished judges (just like the hit TV series, “Shark Tank”). This panel of judges included industry leaders from across the globe, including Satish Kumar (Country Head of LinkedIn), Vishal Dembla (Director at PERSOLKELLY), and Varun Guata (Global Head of Talent Acquisition & Management at Hexaware Technologies). Each sales pitch lasted for about 10 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of Q&A from the judges.

With real-time sales pitches from these participating companies, along with real-time reactions, questions, and comments from the panel, this popular session was one of the most powerful and well-attended sessions at CEIPAL Connect.

“CEIPAL Connect is a global event where we provide networking and learn opportunities to customers, prospects, partners, and the industry as whole.” said CEIPAL’s CMO, Peter Velikin “Several top-notch organizations participated in this session and impressed us with real-world sales pitches to real-world staffing experts. We’re grateful to Metasys and our other participating organizations for helping our audience members see, hear, and learn first-hand exactly what their ideal customers want and need.”

After hearing each of the sales pitches, the panel of judges came to the conclusion that Metasys should be declared winner. “Metasys’ data-driven approach to the future of work was flawless,” the judges agreed. The sales pitch, “Contingent Workforce Transformation Journey,” addressed common problems faced by executives today, including fragmented datasets and narrowing supply chains. As a solution, Metasys offers comprehensive workforce insights, with features such as data quality assessments, job taxonomy clustering, supply & demand analytics, and more. “Metasys’ holistic approach to meeting talent acquisition & management needs is exemplary in the industry,” the judges stated.

A full summary of the corporate-focused “Shark Tank” session can be found at https://www.ceipal.com/shark-tank-session-corporate-panel/

About Metasys Technologies, Inc.

Metasys Technologies supports organizations on their most pressing challenge – how to attract, engage and retain top talent. For the last two decades, Metasys has built relationships with some of the most successful global organizations. The organization started as a staffing solutions firm, but has evolved into a full service organization that serves as a strategic partners to enterprises through the full lifecycle of talent. Metasys is proud to partner with over 50 leading global organizations and provides tailors to each of its customers.


CEIPAL provides a SaaS platform that automates both the front- and back-office business operations of staffing companies. CEIPAL offers a complete workforce management platform, including a fully integrated applicant tracking system (ATS) and human resource information system (HRIS). Founded in 2015, CEIPAL now serves over 1,400 customers and 20,000 recruiters globally. For more information visit http://www.ceipal.com.

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