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The Future of Re-Scaling and Job Placement

A Square One podcast episode by Romeen Sheth, featuring Mike Slagh, Founder and CEO of Shift

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More than 25 million Americans were laid off in April and that’s just the official count. Economists are estimating that unemployment could soon exceed 30% and have massive sectoral impact - service and retail to engineering and product management. Traditional tools - job boards, LinkedIn, etc. are going to be challenged at handling the volume we will be seeing over the next few years - this is where vertical labor marketplaces come in. This week I was thrilled to chat with Mike Slagh, Founder and CEO of Shift. Shift is a digital talent marketplace and community that connects veterans with world class companies. Shift aims to map military backgrounds to specific hiring needs while helping veterans acquire new skills, secure referrals and master corporate hiring processes. Shift extends full stack from education and re-skilling to mentorship and coaching.

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