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The World of Performance Management with Jack Altman

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The world of performance management in the last decade has seen significant change across virtually every function in business; the evolution of marketing, sales, customer success, product and operations departments has been tremendous. HR on the other hand, has been a laggard; historically a back office cost-center, typical HR organizations have followed the mandate of being compliant, administrative and "doing less."

This curve has started to shift materially over the last 5 years - we have a "war for talent" amongst employers and leverage has fundamentally shifted to the employee. The COVID-19 pandemic has provided a decentralization multiplier to this war and increased opportunity sets for talent worldwide.

In 2018, Romeen Sheth, President of Metasys Technologies and Jack Altman - Founder/CEO of Lattice discussed how HR had evolved and since then, Lattice has raised over $100M and recently hit a $1B in valuation. 

On this episode, Romeen and Jack discuss the rocketship journey of Lattice and how his thinking on performance management has evolved after serving as an Executive in the space. This conversation was packed with insights on how to be an effective people leader. 

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