Protecting Your Mental Health During Quarantine

As if a major worldwide health crisis were not enough to worry about, millions of Americans have been thrust into the unfamiliar – and in some cases, unwanted – work-from-home world. So much upheaval over such a short period is sure to take a toll on anyone’s psyche. Everyone will adjust dierently to the Coronavirus quarantine, and some may find it more difficult than others to make the mental adjustment to hunkering down and maintaining social distance in the coming weeks or months

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Establish your new normal

The current situation may become our new lifestyle for the foreseeable future, so the more consistency you can build into it, the faster you will adjust. Routine is your friend. It helps you stay balanced, not only regarding your work duties, but also your family responsibilities and your own physical and mental health. Your ritual should mimic your normal-times routine as closely as possible. Get up, shower, dress, put the coee pot on, walk the dog, or do whatever you used to do before heading to the oice.

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