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A Happy Team

CEO Series featuring Sandeep Gauba ( CEO) and Romeen Sheth (President) of Metasys Technologies on #ValueCreation and building the #TheHappinessCulture. Interview by Veronica a Maldonado-Torres, Founder and CEO of VMT Consulting

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On this episode of the Driven to Thrive- CEO Series, Business Accelerator and Transformational Coach, Veronica Maldonado-Torres interviews business leaders Sandeep and Romeen on vision, purpose, passion, drive, obstacles, business acumen, leadership and company culture. Discussing the future of work and preparation required to redefine the future of possibilities for all to thrive.

Sandeep and Romeen share views on:

  • What "Driven" & Thriving Mean
  • Innovation & Value Creation
  • Building a "Happiness Culture"
  • Proprietary " ICE Model"
  • How to sharpen leadership skills
  • A Message of HOPE to Supplier Peers,
  • Partners and Leaders

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